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Based on the results you get by playing cards, it’s easy to classify poker players into three groups: broken, among people & millionaire poker.

The first group is always looking for new shares, people don’t try enough to go up to high bets – Poker millionaires, well, they usually destroy their criminals on the table and have some souls. Just look at Kingpampo on the river that dominates some mixed games: on a few tables, it feels like the criminal doesn’t even have the chance to struggle to start! Speak seriously, how do people end up in each of these groups? One thing you want to avoid is bankrupt, but this still happens in the online poker arena. Can be caused by careless bankroll management or playing against difficult opponents (most likely both). On the other hand, what if you prefer aggressive strategies and love to make big cliffs – but then end up firing three bullets with air against the call station who really doesn’t understand? Well, you’re sure because eggs will not end up being a millionaire poker, and it’s not possible you will make money playing games. You can say it’s like playing paper against scissors even if you know your criminals play a lot of scissors. The success of poker requires you to adjust your strategy with your current table conditions. Placing a round block into a round hole. Now, is there something you can do to avoid bankrupt in poker, and has the potential to take a small step towards being a successful player who won big money at some point? Very!

vip gambling
vip gambling

And this is the reason we wrote this article: To explain the various types of poker players that you will meet in the poker table, what weaknesses of each type you can attack & how the bag is more chip at the end of the day. Remember, poker is all about small statistical edges – let’s continue to help you get some:

Why players use different strategies in poker

There is a wise saying in a poker circle that runs like this: Everyone can play poker in any way to hope, as long as they play with their own money. Therefore, there are endless ways to play & enjoy poker – each for themselves! How does someone choose their playing style? Most things we do in life are automatic: we act in a certain way and do things because we get used to it. This is called habitual strength. And it is very important when you think about poker: your character and personality influence your decision at the table, especially if you play for fun. For example, people who avoid the risk are not too eager to make a big cliff, and a risky lover does not like to put their draw even if the opportunity does not benefit them. Even though you can use a number of unlimited strategies in Poker, almost all poker players fall in some Arketypes in their playing style. While all online poker rooms have dynamics and nuances of their own gameplay, the fundamental is the same wherever you play. Just by looking at some statistics, you can form an idea of ​​how your criminals approach the game. It’s time to study the framework that helps you for your opponent’s profile in seconds:

The opponent’s profile way in poker – There are two main dimensions that we need to recognize in the poker strategy: aggression & concessions. How does this dimension work in practice?

In every poker decision, you have the option to be aggressive or passive, meaning you can check / call or bet / raise. If we are right, your aggression factor is determined by the formula (bet number + increases the number of calls / number of calls), so check is not necessarily the best indicator – you can see some players who regularly choose the check – However, checking and calling is a passive way to play – you basically let your opponent dictate action. Betting and maintenance are actions that put pressure on your opponents, forcing them to take more risks to win their hands or put their hands. At the beginning of the hand, your first decision is to play hands or don’t play it. This is where tight and loose players are defined: You play a lot of hands or just a few. Of course you can also play between the two, but players who happen to play only the average number of hands compared to the rest of the players very rarely.

While the line is unclear, most players can be easily profiled as a strict or loose player just by watching how many hands they play before the round. Almost always a loose or tight pre-flop strategy will appear post-flop too: tight players don’t suddenly stick to overcards or 3rd pair to the river, while a loose cannon will end up in the river with all kinds of hand combinations. In short, you want to be on the top right or down when it comes to playing style in Poker. The best poker players belong to one of these categories, even though they might not be at the most extreme tip in the election of I.e. Be super tight or super loose. The framework is only the starting point for Profiling opponents in the table. Because it’s rather simple, we have collected a more comprehensive list of arketypes including their poker hud statistics below:

What Arketypes Players in Poker – 99% of poker players fall into the category that can be defined quite accurately with only two poker statistics: VPIP and PFR. VPIP tells you the percentage of hands of a player voluntarily putting money into the pot with. PFR revealed a percentage of someone’s hand raises pre-failed when entering the pan. Let’s talk about the type of player and their typical VPIP / PFR number in the 6-max poker table in more detail:

Setminer ~ 9/7 : Setminers is a player who only plays a pocket pair to reach a large set or overpair. With this kind of statistics, you cannot hope to see them raise without AK or +22. Their plan is to reach a set of failure, a top pair kick with AK or large overpair on a safe board (for example KK on T54R) and tries to win a large pot. If they miss, they come out faster than you can wink. The difference between VPIP numbers and their PFR comes from the fact that they are sometimes a flat pocket of open gains. In addition, you can expect them to include pots with a pre-flop increase. Can you win with a setmining poker style? Yes, but only a little. They missed many opportunities for betting bets by folding good pre-flops for no other reason besides not having a ‘key’ on it.

Pros & Cons play the style of Setminer : Setminer style is easy to play, so you don’t need a lot of practice to learn it. Pretty stick with the hands of superior pre-flop and post-flop, and never bully it – that’s all. This can be a very winning strategy of non-autute opponents. Setmining will not make you a poker millionaire. To be a shark, you need to study a more sophisticated strategy that includes some marginal mining too. Oh, and playing like Setminer can be very boring. Bring lots of coffee with you if you do it to stay awake!

How to win against Setminer :  Lift their blind lots & 100% C-bets on hu pots if they are flat-gape your pre-flop. They will miss the majority failure of their hunting set time. If they don’t fold at this time, you can submit pots unless you have a very strong hand – at least stronger than a set! In short, don’t play large pots with them and avoid holding marginal hands if they are open.

The Rock ~ 13/9 : A stone is a kind of setminer version evolved. Rock knows that they need to play hands like AQ, AJ & some that match Broadways too. However, the stone is not really luxurious bluffing, because the choice of their hands that strictly tells you that they are still quite risky with their poker mindset. Most stones don’t have a little ambition when it comes to making aggressive drama, which sometimes causes them to outdrawn because they don’t prevent their opponents to realize their equity.

Pros & Cons play the style of Setminer : Rocks wins a little more than Setminers, but not with a wide margin. Playing like a stone can make you a player who marginal wins. The disadvantage is that you lose all the fun in Poker: large multi-street bluff and 3-betting without stopping in position not included in the stone game plan. The lack of aggression can also damage your results.

How to win against stones : We suggest to play the same type of strategy as against Setminers. You can try the 3-bet cliffs occasionally to these people in a position, because they open some marginal hands (unlike Setminer). Don’t pay off the rock and you will be fine!

Nit ~ 16/14 : The next evolution of the previous two strict styles is NIT. A nit understands that he needs to raise more hands on a late position and generally conscious & know to make a lightweight 3-bets or turn barrels with pictures every now. In addition to playing many hands, players who refuse to provide actions or participate in neutral eVs or gambling activities that are slightly called nits. This kind of nitset general mindset tends to have that unite it: does not give anything back to the community, but only take care of their own margins & do not care about the continuity of the game. We advise you to stop being nit at the table as soon as you learn this is not a good way to approach modern poker. While nits do win more than setminer or stone, they are generally insulted between the poker community for their behavior. If you want to enjoy poker, don’t be nit!

Pros & cons play nit style : You can win consistently by being nit, but it’s not fun and you leave a lot of money on the table.

How to win against nit : Steal their curtains, float them in a position to take the pot later & avoid paying them in a large pan. Even if they show bluff, the frequency bluffs them too low to justify making heroes against them.

Tag ~ 21/19 : Tag refers to players who have adopted a tight poker play style. Most of the winners on the online poker site play this style. With VPIP and PFR around 20%, this player plays stealing quite often from CO & BTN so you can’t easily give up all except good hands when you are in the curtain. If you see players with tag statistics, you can assume they are serious players who have studied the poker strategy and have a high level of victory to show it. Tag strategies are quite close to playing ABC Poker which is good with strong fundamentals and good pre-flop frequencies.

Pros & cons play style tags : Learning the right tag style requires a lot of effort and learning. After you get a good understanding, making it a poker professional as possible.

How to win against tags : There is no single clear way to defeat the tag. We can provide a few tips! You can abuse them with 3-bet or hold your button, but don’t overdo it as a tag will fight at some point if they see your fos with your game. You can also try to raise their C-betting bets, because many tags are not comfortable playing a large oop pan.

Lag ~ 28/26 : Loose-aggressive (lag) can be a nightmare to play against, especially if they misuse the position well and attack your span-covered post-flop. They sort of tag but on steroids: they throw more 3 bets against you, steal your curtains a little more aggressive & fired more turns and barrels of the river without having goods. Players who have mastered this poker style can win quite a lot of money. However, sometimes the delay can be excessive with their aggression – and this is where you have the opportunity to take their stacks.

Pros & Cons play lag style : Playing style lag can give you some headaches with variance, because your results will be very volatile. When the lag goes well, they win more than a pan pot that is fair because people will think they bully. Conversely, if you lag and go through the runbad period where you lose everything to flip and hit your madness monsters who have the brain to trap you, your graph can look like a falling stone. Sometimes it’s hard to respect tables with lag style if people catch what you do. If this happens, you need to tighten & return to tag strategies for a while.

How to win against lag : There is no simple strategy or sheet cheat will beat lag. Your best bet is to avoid playing OOP vs them and trap it with your monster’s hand. LAG is the last of all types of players you might have difficulty playing on the table. Now it’s time to talk about bad players:

OMC ~ 22/6 : Anyone who first came up with an OMC abbreviation, they referred to parents with coffee and how to play poker were quite passive. While OMC does not play too tight or too loose pre-flop, they are too lamable than lifting it. Therefore, they do not use folding equity at all. If you face a player with this type of statistics, you can bully them in a position. Most of the time they will not fight unless they have goods.

Pros & Cons play OMC Style : By playing like OMC, you won’t lose a lot. But, you also can’t win. In the long run, OMC does not win in poker because of their passive. They tend to break into or even lose a little depending on how well other players in their games.

How to win against OMC : Steal their curtains, isolate them in positions & c-bets without stopping. Retreat in case OMC wake up and play back to you!

Call Station ~ 40/15 : Summoning stations have got their label for good reasons. Every time you bet or raise, you already know their most likely response. With VPIP + 40% and not too high PFR, these players have one favorite step: limp pre-flop and call a salary increase. If they managed to see failure, they end up to the river with the most imaginative ownership: missed gutter, the third partner or hands high, or whatever they think is worth playing. If you get a seat to the left of the calling station, you will treat. A payment tends to be as long as you play abc poker against them.

Pros & Counter playing style call stations : Call stations are casual players who just want to have a little fun play card. So the biggest advantage to play like CS is you enjoy yourself at the poker table. The disadvantage is that you will lose firmly against most players. If you play poker for fun, just take it to what table you can lose – don’t cheat yourself by thinking that playing bingo at the poker table will make you rich someday!

How to Win Against Calling Stations : Recipes to beat CS simple: isolate them, play ABC poker and do not bully them unless you have a very strong draw on the flop or turn. If they check-raise you on the turn, you can be pretty sure you beat the top pair or overpair.

Pope +60/8 : Pope poker is sort of the next version of the call station, but even looser in the election of their hands. Everyone wants to play with the pope, especially professional players! The reason is very simple: the pope wasted they buy with the most amusing: a limp hand rubbish, 3-bet colding colding and 4-bet right and left without knowing their chances of winning, and reload the Stacks them soon after their purchase in advance lot (in case they are not going to smoke in the purchase!) The poker Pope is a high roller who has a stream of income from business or investment and want to have a good time playing cards. They do not mind losing the amount of money that some people would consider a big deal, because it does not hurt them in terms of relative wealth.

Pros & Cons of play style whale : The most obvious benefits of playing like a whale is everyone will have fun at the table – including you if you are just having fun. Pretty much the only exception is if a person becomes lucky against a limp call when you hit a miracle and worsens, then they may not be in the most sunny mood! Losses whales is that they need to reload every few hands if they are lucky. It’s hard to keep your stack intact if you play almost every hand.

How to win against pope : To win against the pope poker, just play ABC poker and isolate them with a suitable connector, compatible with gapper and high cards. Value-bet thin and often, and they will not know what about them!

Maniac ~ 50/38 : In short, a maniac in poker as lagging on steroids. If you ever find a maniac at the poker table, you may notice how hot it can act quickly enough. Get ready for a crazy rollercoaster including all-in check-fuss, 6-bet bluff, barrel multistreet with nothing and heroes with a hand like K-High. If you are in the pot heads-up with a maniac, no free performances are available for you! Maniacs usually have a very aggressive strategy post-fail along with the number of their high VPIP and PFR. They may maintain your back in a failure, turn or river without anything, just because they want to show you who’s boss. Launching a huge cliff without going out to improve is the go-to traveling to a maniac.

Pros & Cons of Playing Style Maniac : The advantage of playing with a maniac style is that you can actually win some money against players who are too weak to fight your constant aggression. If you play fit-or-fold, you will not have a chance against maniacs in poker. Maniacs often lose more than the pope, even though they may have a decent winner sessions as well. In the long term, manic style is a losing proposition. Good players will tame maniac easy to trap him and against the position, leaving a maniac guess whether they have a strong hand or just a bluff catcher.

How to win against a maniac : Play larger pot with a hand like TPGK (tide on a good kicker) or better than what you usually do when facing a maniac. Do not fight fire with fire I.E. Do not be too much bluffing, because maniacs do not put their hands even if they do not have much. Instead, trap them and are willing to get all-in when the situation calling on it to take the pot more often than not!

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